iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case

Features and Details
  • Slim Profile
  • 4 cards and cash storage
  • Faux leather
  • Magnetic closure

Our Values and Philosophy:

We are a brand that believes in finding ways to make room in life for the things that matter. We are committed to developing products that allow you to move freely throughout your day without worry, without clutter and with all of your daily essentials. No matter where your journey takes you, we want to be there to high-five you, support you and protect your precious cargo.

Product Description:

Introducing the product that will change how you live your life!

Our iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Wallet Cases are designed to revolutionize the way that you approach every day. This case is constructed to fit the needs of your life and stylishly streamline your stuff, in order to make space for things that really matter in life.

How, you ask? Well, with this case you will:

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Yes you did! Have you received the item that I’ved returned? I never got my replacement for it! Did you do returned credit? If you haven’t send me my replace of 11 pro!


This case from LUPA marks my second wallet case. It offers great protection to my phone. The product has excellent functionality and I totally recommend it.


I have owned many LUPA's phone cases earlier and all of them are quality products. They are very well made and are highly sturdy. The case also perfectly fits the phone. I have used them with different models of iPhone. The customer service is reliable and responsible. I will always vouch for their cases.


It is a very nice case. The case feels good in your palms. It is easy to hold on to. It does not slip. It looks sharp and sleek. It compliments my phone and matches its worth perfectly. I totally recommend it.


I am in love with this phone case. I shifted from iPhone X to 11 and was worried about the size of the new case. However, all my doubts and worries have now simply vanished after I started using the new case. It allows me to hold the phone with joy and ease. It feels just like the case that I used for my previous phone, slim and sturdy.



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