Wallet iPhone 8 Plus

Rose gold
Dark Brown
Caramel Brown
Features and Details
  • Slim Profile
  • 4 cards and cash storage
  • Faux leather
  • Magnetic closure

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: Do you like to take absolute care of your phone? Do you want to protect your phone against scratches or bumps and you also want it to look outstanding?


We have exactly what you need! Our iPhone wallet case will not only protect your phone and make it look beautiful, but it will also offer you efficiency!

SAFETY FIRST: We have designed this iPhone wallet case with your phone protection in mind! Quality material that will protect your phone against scratches, bumps or water splashes is everywhere. The raised sides will protect your phone's edges and the cover will fully protect your screen.

FOR EFFICIENT PEOPLE: If you don't like wasting time, you're a practical person and you don't like bulky wallets in your purse or pockets, this iPhone wallet case is perfect for you. It can fit up to 4 cards or ID's and up to 4 money bills. This phone case is perfect for a night out or any other activities that will not require carrying a big wallet with you.

PRACTICAL DESIGN: Our iPhone 8 Plus wallet case is designed so you can easily have access to all the ports, headphones, charging hole and to the speaker, offering a good hearing. Furthermore, the phone can be charged by wireless chargers when inside of the case.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: There is nothing above the satisfaction of our customers, that's why if for any reason you won't love our product we will reimburse you instantly. Also, if you need assistance in any way regarding the product, our 24/7 customer support is here to help you.




Are you a person that offers an extra care to their belongings? You want your phone protected but also good looking in a nice case? We have exactly what you're looking for!


When it comes to our customer satisfaction, we only provide top quality phone cases that will offer an elegant and luxury feeling.


7 Reasons to buy our product:


  1. Can hold your cards and id's with your phone, making room in your pocket or bag.
  2. Comes in many elegant colors that can be matched to your outfit
  3. Has a practical design that promotes efficiency
  4. It's a premium product that will make you stand out
  5. We have designed it to offer top protection against scratches, bumps and water splashes
  6. The material is high quality and will last for years to come
  7. It comes with premium customer support from our team and a satisfaction guarantee.


Order this amazing iPhone 8 Plus Apple case and enjoy the amazing benefits it has to offer!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews

    The LUPA wallet case gives me an additional slot to keep my cards unlike the usual ones with two slots. I had previously purchased cases with card slots in them but none of them were as spacious as this one. I opted for the quartz rose color, which perfectly complements the color of my phone as well.


    I have fallen in love with this wallet case from LUPA. Super easy to hold, this iPhone case doesnt come in the way of taking or making a call. Now, I really dont need a pocketbook to carry my phone. It also has enough room for my credit cards and bills. It comes with a lovely color and is made of good quality leather. I really liked LUPAs prompt service. The case was delivered to me in a classy box. Thank you so much LUPA for this wonderful case.


    This iPhone wallet case is an easy to use product that made me fall in love with it. Whenever I go to a store, I prefer to keep my credit cards in this case. I highly recommend it to all. Love it!


    The product got delivered to me in a very nice box without any damage. It holds my iPhone perfectly and its magnetic closure acts like a protective shield. I ordered a Navy blue case and really loved its color. The faux leather makes it look real and bestows a classy look to my phone. It comes with slots to hold my cards. Love the case. Try it out!


    This amazing case fits my iPhone perfectly. The case comes with a magnetic closure that functions well and offers maximum protection to my phone.



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