Wallet iPhone XS Max

Rose gold
Desert Sky
Golden Dusk
Chocolate Brown
Caramel Brown
Wristlet Burgundy
Wristlet Rose Gold
Features and Details
  • Slim Profile
  • 4 cards and cash storage
  • Faux leather
  • Magnetic closure

Our Values and Philosophy:

We are a brand that believes in finding ways to make room in life for the things that matter. We are committed to developing products that allow you to move freely throughout your day without worry, without clutter and with all of your daily essentials. No matter where your journey takes you, we want to be there to high-five you, support you and protect your precious cargo.

Product Description:

Introducing the product that will change how you live your life!

Our iPhone XS Leather Wallet Cases are designed to revolutionize the way that you approach every day. This case is constructed to fit the needs of your life and stylishly streamline your stuff, in order to make space for things that really matter in life.

How, you ask? Well, with this case you will:

    Travel Light

    The slimmest iPhone wallet in the market with the most utility!

    Always Have All of Your Essentials without the Bulk!

    Holds an iPhone, 3-4 credit & ID cards and up to 4 bills!

    Ultimate protection and utility!

    Magnetic closure allows for ultimate protection and also flips behind your phone for the easiest usage and utility.

    Compatible charging and ultimate protection!

    Compatible with all wireless chargers and protects your cards from scan damage.

    Upscale Quality & Timeless Style!

    Rugged, eco-friendly & lightweight vegan leather resists stretching & fading over time and even stands up to the occasional splash or drop on the ground. It is beautiful, sleek and protective, all in one!
    It’s got everything you need to conquer your dreams, so go on, get to it!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews

    Though I hardly review things that I purchase online, I recently wanted to purchase a case for my iPhone. It was after a great deal of research that I came across this perfect case from LUPA. The case not only looks great but also functions quite well. It perfectly fits into my pocket and the magnetic strap ensures that it is secure. The wallet case has been a favorite among all my relatives and friends. Everyone seems quite intrigued with the product, and even people at work are looking forward to purchasing the wallet case. I highly recommend this product.


    I absolutely love this case! First, it is lovely in appearance. Secondly, it keeps the phone protected from all sides. It is extremely easy to close and open. The price is reasonable too.


    I just received the case. It appears to be well-made and fits the phone fits really well. The phone is snug inside the case but at the same time not immovable. I like the craftsmanship and color of the case.


    This amazing case fits my phone perfectly. I have fallen in love with this product.


    I was looking for something that acts like a wallet and a phone case at the same time. This is truly a good quality case that serves all purposes. It offers great protection to my iPhone and makes it look stylish.



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