LUPA Legacy

iPhone 8


A timeless design with a wide range of colors and variations to match your unique style and feel. Our Fashion Wallet Case is the perfect choice for the minimalist as well as the style-conscious individuals. Lupa Legacy’s Wallet Cases stand out with its resistance to dirt and moisture, the great grip and feel of the cruelty-free and environmentally friendly high-end PU Leather, and the clear color hues and subtle engraved Logo creates an extra dimension of class and elegance.

The small and discreet speaker cut out allows for the Wallet to be closed while you are on a call, and to ensure your phone is always protected. The magnetic snap on the side keeps the wallet in place, whether it is folded back or closed as normal, and ensures the Wallet Case fits seamlessly in your pocket or bag while closed. With our Wallet Case, you will always have your essentials right at hand, and you will soon realize you won’t even need your wallet or purse anymore.

Color: Desert Sky

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Brenda Becton

Love the case!!


I am in love with my new case. Generally, wallet cases do not remain closed after you insert your cards. However, this one has a strong magnet that keeps the case closed. It is of an excellent make and feels good too. Also, the case is well-stitched in the delicate areas.

Michele C

I purchased this new wallet case for my iPhone 8, which I recently purchased. The burgundy color of the case absolutely adds to the look and feel of my new phone. The best part of it is that it does not cover my camera and lets me click the best of pictures.

Kelly Jones

I had bought this case as a gift. The look and feel of the material is perfect. I had booked the navy blue case, which looks good. The shipping was speedy and it arrived in a beautiful gift box.

Garnik Kazarian

The case was great!