Questions for iPhone 6

  • To what extent does this case protect the iPhone?

  • Does the magnet closure secure the phone even when it is open for use and view?

  • Does the camera of the phone work with the case on?  

  • Can the phone be charged without removing the case?

  • Will the case fit an iPhone 6 that has a 5.5” screen?

  • Can the wallet be removed while talking over the phone?

  • Does this case have a stand?

  • Does the magnet closure disable the credit card (if it is kept inside the case)?

  • Does this case put the phone in “sleep” mode when closed?

  • How long will the case last?

  • Can this case be used by both men and women?

  • What is the weight of this case?

  • Can the phone be easily removed from the wallet case and put in the car holder?

  • Is the case primarily made of hard plastic or silicon?

  • Is the screen protector made of tempered glass or is it an ordinary film protector?

  • Is the phone easily detachable from the wallet case?

  • Is there a warranty for the wallet case?

  • Where is this case manufactured?

  • While talking on the phone, does the flap get in the way?

  • If the case is put in the back pocket of my jeans, will it appear to be too bulky?
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